• For all student parking purchases, Langham Creek High School will be utilizing the School Cash Online system. The entire process for parking, including payment and selection of the desired parking lot must be completed online. All portions of the required documentation must be filled out accurately, as the parking lot will be assigned on a first purchased basis with accurate documentation for ALL students. 

    Only Langham Creek students are eligible to purchase a parking permit

        • Seniors: online purchase opens August 3rd
        • Juniors: online purchase opens August 8th
        • Sophomore: online purchase opens August 10th

    Online student parking registration will require the successful completion/uploading of the following:

        • Student Parking Registration Form
        • $50 credit/debit card payment
        • Photo of student’s valid Texas Driver License – Driver Permits are not accepted
        • Photo of proof of valid insurance (NOT expired the day of submission)
          • Should insurance expire BEFORE the first day of school, you must resubmit valid insurance to the AP office ASAP. 
          • Insurance must cover the exact car that is listed on the Student Parking Registration Form.

    Parking Registration Instructions

    Information for Parents and Students

      • Parking Requirements for 2023 - 2024
      • Parking lot selection will be completed by the student/parent during the online payment process. 
      • If you have “Late Arrival” on your schedule, you may want to choose the East or West Lot.

    The lots available to choose from are as follows (see parking lot map): 

        • West lot – Lot at 529 and closest to Goodyear and LA Fitness (all cars in this lot must be moved by 3:00 daily). 
        • Stadium Lot – Lot closest to the track and the football field
        • Vocational Lot – Lot between Hudson Oaks and the playground
        • East Lot – Lot at Hudson Oaks and 529