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Middle school theatre students thrive at Drama Con

middle school students performing at Drama Con
CFISD middle school students learn choreography in a musical theatre workshop led by Bridgeland High School at Drama Con on Jan. 27.

Feb. 3, 2024—More than 400 CFISD middle school students attended the CFISD Middle School “Drama Con” on Jan. 27. Led by all 12 high school theatre programs, including theatre directors and more than 100 volunteer high school theatre students, Drama Con is a theatre festival of workshops on acting and technical theatre and a live musical performance by the Cypress Creek High School theatre department.

“The CFISD Drama Con is a unique event. I am not aware of anywhere else in the state where a district’s high school and middle school directors collaborate at this level to create a learning opportunity of this type for its theatre students. Our directors are incredibly dedicated to providing an amazing experience for our students,” said Kelley Hughes, CFISD coordinator of theatre and dance. “Emphasis is placed on keeping costs low for the event. We truly strive to make CFISD for all.”

In the weeks leading up to Drama Con, more than 200 middle school students submitted to the virtual competition in the following events: monologue, duet acting, group acting, solo musical theatre, duet musical theatre, group musical theatre and group design. Competitors received educational feedback and a rating by way of a panels of judges, comprised of majority of the district’s high school and middle school directors.

middle school students wearing costumes at drama con
CFISD middle school students learn concepts of costume design in a workshop led by Jersey Village High School at Drama Con.

The following schools and students earned Superior ratings:

  • Duet Acting—Anthony Middle School (Preston Pratt and Austin Schubot);
  • Duet Acting—Aragon Middle School (Julie Basta and Peyton Boehmke);
  • Duet Acting—Goodson Middle School (Miranda Freeland and Abigail Scott);
  • Duet Acting—Labay Middle School (Judy Munoz and Me’a Stewart);
  • Duet Acting—Salyards Middle School (Philip Wooten and Mathias Lee);
  • Duet Acting—Salyards (Piper Rabuck and Savannah Lewis);
  • Duet Acting—Salyards (Reagan Loftin and Amaya Hawkins);
  • Duet Acting—Salyards (Sandra Pham and Kylee Thompson);
  • Duet Acting—Spillane Middle School (Madeline Bickham and Emma Kirby);
  • Duet Acting—Sprague Middle School (Elly Landry and Lilly Hunt);
  • Duet Acting—Sprague (Jacob Lumanog and Owen Rakunas);
  • Duet Musical—Goodson Middle School (Molly Hart and Olivia Nate);
  • Duet Musical—Salyards (Olivia Middleton and Rianna Hernandez);
  • Group Acting—Campbell Middle School (Damian Edris, Kris Guzman and Johnathan Nguyen);
  • Group Acting—Goodson (Avery Edwards, Savannah Snordon, Kaylee Spears, Haylie Richards, Sabina Asomani-Nyarko and Olive Wagner);
  • Group Design—Goodson (Keira “Lux” Trowbridge, Carter Barrington, Alizen Deza, Ashlynn Mylek and Brandon Ward);
  • Group Design—Salyards (Charlotte Grissom, Charlotte Johnson, Jillian Hopp and Jae-Li Mitcha);
  • Group Design—Salyards (Gavin Kemper, Ameila Takacs, Gabriela Shepelev, Elin Vaughan, Paisley Scherbenske and Aylin Montes);
  • Group Musical—Goodson (Vansh Amin, John Argueta, Aiden Byboth, Will Hamilton and Rebecca Fisher);
  • Group Musical—Salyards (Isabelle Hallum, Rylan Shirley, Addison Doan and Haylee Cable);
  • Monologue—Anthony (Lauren Kurz);
  • Monologue—Goodson (Tiana Vongsy);
  • Monologue—Hamilton Middle School (Bianca Romero);
  • Monologue—Hamilton (Jacey Thomas);
  • Monologue—Rowe Middle School (Malachi Chatman);
  • Monologue—Salyards (Abigail Huggins);
  • Monologue—Salyards (Liam Anderson);
  • Monologue—Sprague (Kathryn Cox);
  • Monologue—Sprague (Sayuri Leitch);
  • Monologue—Truitt Middle School (Ingrid Gamez);
  • Solo Musical—Hamilton (David Briano);
  • Solo Musical—Hopper Middle School (Ovion Reed);
  • Solo Musical—Hopper (Tiana Nelson);
  • Solo Musical—Labay (Sarah Nelson); and
  • Solo Musical—Spillane (Vivienne Lee).

high school students instruction middle school student at Drama Con
Cy-Fair High School senior James Wilkinson leads a workshop on exploring characterization at Drama Con.

Three performances including Vansh Amin, John Argueta, Aiden Byboth, Will Hamilton and Rebecca Fisher (Goodson, Group Musical); Philip Wooten and Mathias Lee (Salyards, Duet Acting); and Sarah Nelson (Labay, Solo Musical) were selected as the “Mainstage Finalists” and invited to perform at the closing ceremony in front of all their peers.