• Attendance Office:  281-517-2967

    Texas state law requires students to be in attendance 90% of each class each semester.  If a student is in attendance less than 90% of the time, he/she is considered to have “Excessive Absences” (“EA”) and may not receive credit for the class.

    To comply with state requirements, Leonard Brautigam Center follows these guidelines:

    55 Minute Class

    • 18 week classes make-up time = 1 hour per absence
    • An “EA” occurs on the 10th absence of an eighteen-week semester

     115 Minute Classes

    • 9 week classes make-up time = 2 hours per absence
    • An “EA” occurs on the 6th absence of a nine-week mini-mester (MM).


    Notes documenting absences for such reasons as doctor appointments or court appearances must be turned in to the office within 3 days of the absence.  All notes must be original; photocopies are not acceptable. You may email a copy of the original note (by taking a picture of it) to the attendance secretary Mrs. Walters at