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    Career Options:

    • AV technician
    • Audio engineer
    • Radio producer
    • Assistant sound technician
    • Video editor
    • Video producer
    • Videographer
    Course Grades Description Credit
    Audio/Video Production I  10-12

    Students will produce videos using professional standards while working in crews to examine real-world issues related to current topics. Productions will be created for audiences beyond the classroom.


      2 cr
    Audio/Video Production II 11-12 


    Students will form their own crews to create productions beyond the campus level with actual clients. Students will expand their skills to produce short films, music videos, movie trailers, television shows, etc. Students will also use audio/video equipment to use media to cover various events. Students will also learn the process to create an online marketing presence to form their own business.

      2 cr
    Digital Audio Technology   9-12


    Students will produce professional audio for a variety of real-world uses, such as radio and television broadcasting, audio for video and film, audio for animation and game design, music production and live sound, etc. Students will master audio production production eequipment and create projects with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Students will be expected to develop an understanding of the audio industry with a technical emphasis on production and critical-listening skills.

      1 cr
    Practicum in Audio/Video Production         12


    The practicum student will identify community production opportunities off campus, conduct meetings with clients, and manage video production equipment and crews. Students are required to arrange their own transportation to produce a wide variety of media projects.

       2 cr