• The KAPE Program, at the Alternative Learning Center-West, supports students who are enrolled in honors (K), Advanced Placement (AP) and elective (E) courses. Students receive instruction from their home campus teacher in classes that are not offered at ALC-West.  This ensures that students will remain in their upper level and elective courses.  Additionally, the KAPE Program allows students to stay connected and on pace with curriculum that is relevant to their course and provides an appropriate level of rigor. 

    The KAPE team is made up of certified teachers from the following contents: Englishmathsciencesocial studies, and business.  These teachers facilitate the assignments that are provided by the home campus teacher and are available to the KAPE students every day. 

    Schoology is used to transfer work between home campus teachers and ALC-West students.  Each student is assigned one Schoology for each course that is supported through KAPE. Students are responsible for accessing their classroom each day to view and complete assignments made by their home campus teacher.  Students are also responsible for submitting completed assignments back to the Schoology for the home campus teacher to grade.  The home campus teacher will continue recording grades in the gradebook.  Parents can view their student’s grades through the CFISD Home Access Center

    Our goal is, upon completion of their ALC-West placement, students will step right back into their home campus classrooms and continue with their course