•  Standardized Dress Code - Código de vestimenta estandarizada

    Rational: To maintain focus on the Cy-Fair District goals and objectives:

    • to increase academic achievement thus reducing the achievement gap.
    • to provide a safer learning environment.
    • to develop increased decision making and problem-solving skills.
    • to develop increased self-esteem.

    Students must successfully pass the metal detector search each morning to gain entry to the building.

    Absolutely no clothing items depicting drugs/alcohol, gangs, sex or any inappropriate logos/symbols or writing.


  • (High School - Solid White)
    (Middle School– Solid Navy Blue)

    • Shirts must be collared, polo-type or button down, without decoration (i.e. emblems, logos, accent colors, etc.).
    • Undergarments/Undershirt should not be visible through the uniform shirt.
    • Only one solid white, grey, or black undershirt/camisole may be worn under the required shirt. Logos, designs, and/or writing must not be transparent through the uniform shirt.
    • Shirts must fit properly, not be oversized, tight and/or revealing.


    • Pants must be business casual in style (i.e. Original Dockers or Dickie style).
    • No cargo pants.
    • Pants must fit properly, be worn at the waist (not below), and may not be tight, revealing, sagging or baggy.
    • Students could be required to wear a belt or zip tie to prevent sagging and keep pants at the waist.
    • All pants pockets must be able to be pulled inside out.
    • No additional clothing may be worn under the required pants (NO basketball shorts, tights, pajama pants, long johns, leggings, etc.)


    • Students must wear athletic/tennis shoes - no Sperry's, boots, crocs, slippers, sandals, slides, etc.
    • Tennis shoes must be free of inappropriate graphics/writing/designs.
    • Socks are required and must be free of inappropriate designs.

OPTIONAL OUTERWEAR (High School: Solid Gray or White, Middle School: Navy Blue or Black)

    • The only outerwear permitted in the classroom is a plain sweatshirt or sweater.
    • Sweatshirts must not have pockets, hoods, zippers, buttons, logos, etc.
    • Sweatshirts must be worn over the required shirt with collar visible.


    • Purses, wallets, make-up bags, book bags, and backpacks are not allowed on campus.
    • Students may not wear or bring to school, sunglasses, cosmetic contacts, gloves, or headgear.
    • Students must wear their school ID on an approved lanyard and around their neck at all times.
    • No jewelry of any kind is permitted.  This includes plastic spacers, body jewelry, waist beads, piercings, bracelets, rings, anklets, etc.
    • Makeup, perfume, Chapstick/lip balm, lip gloss, etc., cannot be brought to school.  Items will be thrown away.
    • No ornamental hair accessories or any metal in the hair (i.e. hair bows, scarves, ribbons, barrettes, extensions with metal, bobby pins, etc.)
    • Inappropriate tattoos must be covered with clothing or neutral colored band-aids.
    • Cell phones (including smart watches) are not permitted. Per the CFISD Code of Conduct, phones will be confiscated and returned to the parent after paying a $15 fee.

    Students must successfully pass the metal detector search each morning to gain entry to the building.

    All other rules and regulations as defined by the CFISD Dress/Grooming Guidelines apply.