• Sherlyn Dominguez
    Attendance Secretary

    Texas state law requires students to be in attendance for 90% of each class each semester.  If a student is in attendance less than 90% of the time, he/she is considered to have “Excessive Absences” (“EA”) and may not receive credit for the class.

    The attendance office must receive a parent or doctor's note for ALL ABSENCES giving a reason for the absence.  The notes must be signed by a parent/guardian or doctor and brought to the attendance office.  Parent notes received after the 3rd day of the student’s return to school will be processed as a “late note”, which means that the absence remains unexcused.  A picture of an e-mailed doctor's note is acceptable but the note MUST have a signature. A signed parents' note can be sent only with a copy of the parents ID must be attached. They can be emailed to Sherlyn Dominguez.