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    To request your official transcript to be sent to colleges/universities/scholarships you are applying to, click here.

    *For any questions, please email

    Please allow up to 3 days for processing.  

    OFFICIAL transcripts are:

    • sent directly to institutions, scholarship offices, agencies, etc.
    • usually sent electronically (Although the system requires a "delivery address," most official transcripts are sent electronically through records exchange systems or by email.)

    UNOFFICIAL transcripts are:

    • mailed to the personal address you provide.
    • unavailable by email (We are not permitted to send transcripts to personal email addresses).

    Registration can now be done ONLINE

    You will need the following records in order to register at Jersey Village High School. The (*) items are mandatory before the student may be enrolled:


    *ACADEMIC RECORDS: (needed to complete registration process)
    2nd year 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grader – unofficial copy of transcript 
    1ST year 9TH grader - final 8TH grade report card (beginning of school year only)

    BIRTH CERTIFICATE (hospital certificate or passport is initially accepted, but certified birth certificate is required within 30 days of enrollment.)

    SOCIAL SECURITY CARD or the Number

    *PROOF OF IDENTITY:  Picture ID of adult registering student; only the parent/legal guardian are eligible to enroll student.

    *PROOF OF RESIDENCY:  At the time of registration, parents will be asked to provide proof of residency dated within the last 30 days. Documents that are provided should reflect the parent/legal guardian's name and street address. Please be prepared to submit one item from Line A and one item from Line B.

    • Line A: (Lessee) Verification in the form of your current lease/(Homeowner)Verification in the form of HCAD records, a mortgage statement, or closing documents
    • Line B: Verification in the form of your current gas, water, or light bill

    If the student is under 18 years of age, both parent/legal guardian and student are expected to be present in order to register on that day.

    Step-parents are not considered eligible to register their step-children without written parent permission.

    • Students must live with parent/legal guardian in our district and attendance zone before we can register them.
    • If you have attended Jersey Village in the past, please let us know before you begin filling out enrollment forms.  You will also need to provide current proof of address even if you have attended Jersey Village High School in the past.