• Office Information
    Phone: 281-897-4684
    Hours: 7:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

    Further guidance and counseling information can be found on the CFISD page.

When do I need to talk with my school counselor?

  • Your school counselor is your advocate and can help you problem-solve classroom situations. Any problem that you cannot stop thinking about, and it troubles you, is reason to talk with your counselor, teacher, or an administrator. We are always here to help when you are dealing with a crisis! Please ask your teacher for a pass. 

    During all lunches, counselors are available at Counselor's Corner in the cafeteria. You can also come to the counseling office before or after the school day. When parents need to meet with their student's counselor, it is best to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Get news from the Counseling Office

  • Send a text to 81010, in the message section enter the code for your class:

    • Class of 2024 @bfnd2024
    • Class of 2023 @bfnd2023
    • Class of 2022 @bfnd2022
    • Class of 2021 @bfnd2021

Four-Year Planning

      • All course changes for the following year are due by the last day of classes of the school year. 
      • Current 9th graders will review submitted four-year plans and requested courses in PACE.
      • Current 10th graders will meet with their counselor during the spring semester to review 4-year plans and requested courses.
      • Current 11th graders will meet with counselors during the spring semester to request courses.
      • All students will be given course verification sheets to share with parents/guardians in late April.
      • Changes can be made to a student’s course request by crossing out the unwanted course and writing the new course. Please write course numbers too. A parent /guardian signature is required to make a change. Turn changes in at Counselor’s Corner.  
      • Course Offerings & Descriptions, including graduation requirements 
      • Cy-Fair High School Course Selections with Course Numbers 2022-23
      • Finding Your Future Booklets (English or Spanish) - Information to assist you in creating a plan for a successful graduation and your post-secondary options. 


  • When available, handouts will be posted here a few days after the event.

Senior Parent Night with Counselors

Junior Parent Night with Counselors

Freshman & Sophomore Parent Night with Counselors

Dual Credit Parent/Student Information Meeting

    • For more information on the Dual Credit program, please visit the College & Career Specialist’s website 

Senior Presentation and Student Conferences

    • Conferences: October-December during the school day 

Recommendation from Counselors

  • Complete the Student Profile to request a recommendation from your counselor.  Provide t least three weeks for letters to be written.