March 4th, 2024 

JV’s of the Week for March 4th, 2024 

  • Long Nguyen 
  • Elias Esquivel 
  • Huy Nguyen

Long Nguyen is a great addition to his lab partners while working on group work and projects.  I enjoy him in class and wish him success in the future. - Laura Oswalt


During our carnation sales last week Elias stepped up and went above and beyond his assigned duty.  He was very helpful to all customers, he stayed focused and brought out his internal extravert to do what was necessary. - Eric Tankersley


Huy is such a polite and respectful student. He greets me when he comes in every day and also says goodbye before he leaves. He continually thanks me for teaching him. He always does his homework, pays attention in class, and is a very reliable student. When Huy is struggling with the calculus material, he attends tutoring to get help, which I respect as an educator. Huy is a quiet student, so he doesn't often get the positive attention that he deserves! He is a joy to teach! - Michelle Nelsen