March 25th, 2024

JV’s of the Week for March 25th, 2024 

  • Ethan Santos

  • Haley Nieves

  • Dario Martinez

  • Weston Phan

Ethan is always smiling, happy,  and excited about learning. In class he is focused and gets all of his work done. He works very well with other students and helps those that are struggling! - Danielle Olivarez


Haley Nieves: New to school, but sees her grades are not as good as she would like. She has asked for extra work and has completed it in a timely manner. She also understands concepts and helps her peers when they are struggling. - Vaja Saetieo


Dario is a great student. History is a lot of work, but he consistently shows that he is dedicated to his success. He is always on task, is engaged throughout the lesson, answers questions, and always turns in high quality work. He doesn't hesitate to ask for help from peers or myself, and is willing to work with and help his classmates. He is very funny, adding humor to class discussions and is a great source of candy for some of the kids in our class lol. I very much enjoy having him in class and I wish I had more students like him. - Kelsey Lynch


Weston does more than many students in a single day.  From helping his parents business to being very helpful in lab group work.  He always has a positive, can do attitude.  He is not only knowledgeable for his peers, he is helpful and encouraging. - Laura Oswalt