JV’s Students of the Week

  • JV’s of the Week for May 13, 2024

    • Dinh Huynh
    • Cecilia Do
    • Frank Pool
    • Julia Ultis

    Dinh is focused on learning the lesson and completing it at the highest level.  He has great discipline.   He is a great leader within his lab group and will assist other students but does not allow them to copy. - Laura Oswalt

    I love to watch Cecilia work in class.  She pays attention to detail and does quality work.  She stays on task and while finished with my assignments, may be working on another class to get ahead or review.  She has practiced the skills which will make her successful in any situation. - Laura Oswalt

    Frank consistently exemplifies respect through his compassionate interactions with peers, both within the confines of the classroom and beyond its walls. His kindness extends far and wide, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Moreover, his excellence in attitude shines brightly in every task assigned by teachers; he approaches each with enthusiasm, diligence, and a commitment to excel.

    Beyond his exemplary demeanor, Frank's talents as an artist add a unique dimension to his expression of gratitude. Through intricately crafted drawings, he extends heartfelt appreciation to both educators and classmates, showcasing not only his artistic prowess but also the depth of his gratitude. These gestures of thanks serve as tangible reminders of the positive impact others have on his life, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the educational setting. - Christian Buhl

    Julia exemplified the essence of respect through her unwavering kindness and support towards her special education peers at the senior prom. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the event, she chose to extend a hand of compassion and acceptance, ensuring that everyone felt included and valued.

    Beyond the prom, in the school setting, Julia consistently embodied the role of a quality PAL, radiating positivity and empathy in every interaction. Her innate ability to listen attentively and offer assistance without judgment made her a beacon of support for her peers. Julia's genuine kindness and dedication to uplifting others not only made her a delight to be around but also set a remarkable example of respect for all to emulate. - Christian Buhl

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  • JV’s of the Week for May 6, 2024 

    • Kate  Anderson
    • Ashley Dye
    • Yashar Samsami
    • Anna Umanzor Canales

    The list could go on and on, but I will keep it short. Kate is a natural leader. She takes initiative and cares about her work. She is kind and thoughtful. She will be greatly missed when she leaves the JV nest. - Brittany Sproles

    Ashley can tackle issues and challenges with a positive, can-do attitude. Because of this, I have no doubt that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. An attitude like that can change the world. - Laura Oswalt

    Yashar- Turning his work on time.  A self-starter - Ahmed A Khawaja

    Anna is a wonderful student assistant in the J house office. She always comes in with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Anna is always willing to help and is very respectful. - Jessica Molina

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  • JV’s of the Week for April 29, 2024 

    • Karlie Lambright
    • Jacey Phillips
    • Calli Flores
    • Adela Dobre

    Karlie is a star-student actively involved in making our campus a better place for everyone. She regularly checks in on her past and present teachers, lending a helping hand whenever needed. Not only does she support underclassmen students that need tutoring, but she also actively helps clean classrooms and helps with organizational tasks. Karlie's commitment to service and her willingness to contribute make her a valuable asset to our campus community. - Brianna Flanter


    Last year Jacey was absent a lot but this year she has turned it around and not only regularly present but also on top of her school work.  She always advocates for herself and asks questions when she is confused. I'm very proud of her! - Jenn Fuller


    Calli always comes to class ready to learn and to lend a hand to others too. - Leika Rushing


    Adela is always working hard to make herself a better person.  You've been an ideal student. Your desire to learn and grow means a lot to me as a teacher. I'm very glad to have you in my class. - Laura Oswalt

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  • JV’s of the Week for April 22, 2024 

    • Ryan Khuu
    • Caiden Vu
    • Karlie Lambright
    • Marco Mojica

    Ryan always is prepared for class, always asks good questions, and always participates in class activities and as a result he makes good grades. - Renee Ingham


    Caiden works really hard at being a good student and it shows in his grades and attitude to learning.  No matter what he peruses in his future, he has learned and practiced successful skills which will set him up for  future successes. - Laura Oswalt


    Karlie is always happy to help out afterschool helping to prepare classwork for the next day by helping to cut papers and sort out activities. She always has a positive attitude and enjoys helping out many different teachers. - Le


    Marco arrives to class on time, attends school daily, completes all assignments on time, seeks assistance when uncertain, has great peer relationships, polite and courteous, and demonstrates successful performance in his grades. - Ron WATTS

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  • JV’s of the Week for April 16, 2024 

    • Riley Casillo
    • Jordan Bernardo
    • Khoa Bui
    • Yisell Garcia-Jaramillo

    "Huge Shout-Out To Our Morning Student Assistant! RILEY takes an active part in assisting me everyday and is of great help with all the late student arrivals. She has fantastic memory and  executes what is needed without hesitation. She is of great value to the work with." - Ms. Marquez

    Jordan approached me (Petway) to let me know that a fight was about to occur in the flex area by my classroom. He later came by my room to ask if I had been able to stop the fight from happening. Often when a fight is happening at school, our students try to get closer and take pictures or video the fight. Jordan instead left and found the nearest teacher to try and stop the fight from happening. I wish more of our students were like Jordan. - Tracey Petway

    Khoa came to us from another country.  He has made so much progress on learning and understanding a new language.  He works hard and always has a good attitude.  He has learned the routine  and has become an amazing part of our room.  He has a willingness to learn and try something new and deal with change so good now.   He is an amazing young man with a great attitude. - Amber Anderson

    Yisell is such a kind, respectful, and polite person who is very reliable and does what she is supposed to do every day! She is killin' it in calculus! The only thing bigger than her brain is her heart! - Michelle Nelsen

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  • JV’s of the Week for April 8, 2024 

    • Kimberly Perla
    • Destiny Sanchez-Ramos
    • Henry Mancha
    • Jacorey Bailey 

    Kim is such a positive person.   She is always ready and willing to work.  She has a positive attitude and words well with other students.  She is fun to have in class. - Meredith King


    Destiny is a great student who is always positive and always does her best. She does an excellent job of making the most of the opportunities JV has to offer!  - Julie Villarreal


    Henry is a "perfect" student.  Always prepared for class and following all directions.  He makes very good grades as a result of his work ethic and taking ownership of his learning.  I am proud to be his Spanish teacher. - Renee Ingham


    Jacorey always a a great and "can do" attitude when assisting the staff in the Jhouse. He is always respectable, he's trustworthy, and super responsible. We appreciate him and what to honor him for being so amazing. - Kamehsa Sellers

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  • JV’s of the Week for April 1, 2024 

    • Ricardo Perez
    • Megan Hoang
    • Devin Pickeny
    • Jeffin Jose

    Richie was injured in soccer and missed some school. He has come back and done everything needed to stay up to date with the class. He even made a 100 on the test after being out. He is always on task and answers questions as well as isnt afraid to speak up and ask questions! - Danielle Olivarez

    Megan is one of my most hardworking, engaged, and polite students I have in calculus this year. She is always prepared for tests and attends tutoring sessions to be extra prepared. She smiles and greets me every day and says thank you when she leaves. Calculus is challenging but she has such a great attitude about it - she says "Don't stress, Manifest!" - Michelle Nelsen

    Devin has improved his attendance and behavior this semester. - Bill Yurch

    Jeffin always has a great attitude and is always willing to help.- kim simpson

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  • JV’s of the Week for March 25th, 2024 

    • Ethan Santos

    • Haley Nieves

    • Dario Martinez

    • Weston Phan

    Ethan is always smiling, happy,  and excited about learning. In class he is focused and gets all of his work done. He works very well with other students and helps those that are struggling! - Danielle Olivarez


    Haley Nieves: New to school, but sees her grades are not as good as she would like. She has asked for extra work and has completed it in a timely manner. She also understands concepts and helps her peers when they are struggling. - Vaja Saetieo


    Dario is a great student. History is a lot of work, but he consistently shows that he is dedicated to his success. He is always on task, is engaged throughout the lesson, answers questions, and always turns in high quality work. He doesn't hesitate to ask for help from peers or myself, and is willing to work with and help his classmates. He is very funny, adding humor to class discussions and is a great source of candy for some of the kids in our class lol. I very much enjoy having him in class and I wish I had more students like him. - Kelsey Lynch


    Weston does more than many students in a single day.  From helping his parents business to being very helpful in lab group work.  He always has a positive, can do attitude.  He is not only knowledgeable for his peers, he is helpful and encouraging. - Laura Oswalt

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  • JV’s of the Week for March 4th, 2024 

    • Long Nguyen 
    • Elias Esquivel 
    • Huy Nguyen

    Long Nguyen is a great addition to his lab partners while working on group work and projects.  I enjoy him in class and wish him success in the future. - Laura Oswalt


    During our carnation sales last week Elias stepped up and went above and beyond his assigned duty.  He was very helpful to all customers, he stayed focused and brought out his internal extravert to do what was necessary. - Eric Tankersley


    Huy is such a polite and respectful student. He greets me when he comes in every day and also says goodbye before he leaves. He continually thanks me for teaching him. He always does his homework, pays attention in class, and is a very reliable student. When Huy is struggling with the calculus material, he attends tutoring to get help, which I respect as an educator. Huy is a quiet student, so he doesn't often get the positive attention that he deserves! He is a joy to teach! - Michelle Nelsen

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