Dr. Natalie Blasingame



      Degrees and Certifications:

      Dr. Natalie Blasingame

      Natalie Blasingame will run for Position 5 in the 2021 Trustee Election and drew the No. 2 ballot position. 

      Position 5, Ballot Position 2

      NAME: Dr. Natalie Blasingame
      YEARS IN CFISD: 20
      SUBDIVISION: Copperfield- Southdown Village
      OCCUPATION: Newly Retired Educator: Able to dedicate myself full-time to representing Your Voice, Choice, and Values on the Board
      SPOUSE: n/a
      CHILDREN: Madeleine- a happy, thriving 10th grader at Langham Creek High School


      Why did you choose to live in CFISD?

      We purchased a family home in CFISD 20 years ago because it offered great housing value in a safe, family-oriented community with good schools. I am fighting to keep it that way!

      Are you currently a CFISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?

      Yes, I have served for several years at Hairgrove Elementary as part of the adopt-a-school partnership with Calvary Community Church and Copperfield Church. This year I enjoyed helping kids find their classrooms, in their newly renovated building, on the first day of school.

      Each year I serve as a Bus Buddy - this year I had the privilege of helping at Kirk Elementary and enjoyed my ride with the finest bus driver around.

      I am a member of the Langham Creek Booster Club and volunteer with the volleyball program.

      Each year as a CFISD global volunteer I support various projects as requests pop up.

      List your participation in CFISD school and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees.

      I represented the Langham Creek feeder pattern on the District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC) during the 2019-2020 school year. The DEIC advises the district on evaluation, planning, and supervision.

      I served as a VIPS at Aragon Middle School (2017-2020) and a Mentor at Langham Creek High School (2019-2020).

      Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in previous question.

      I pay my taxes on time each year.

      I donate to fundraisers and support projects that develop our youth and show love to our teachers and staff.

      I have retired from my job to run for school board in order to see a shift in our schools that restores them to the purposes of our founding fathers, while simultaneously accelerating the preparation of a 21st century workforce prepared to be productive, ethical, servant-hearted, and happy.

      List Cy-Fair organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.

      I have invested in youth development as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, Sunday School teacher, on the PTO Executive Board, on the Copperfield Dolphins Swim Team board, and on the Student Ministry Council at church.

      The “office” of mother helps me understand the hopes and dreams of parents in CFISD schools.

      Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?

      I have worked to build successful schools over the past 29 years as a teacher, principal, and district leader. You can read about my professional background at NatalieBlasingame.com. I understand the difference between school district administration and governance, and I am ready to bring all that I have learned the task of governing the 3rd largest district in Texas.

      My background will allow me to govern effectively from day one - holding the administration accountable for representing YOUR VOICE, CHOICE, AND VALUES in CFISD. I know the questions to ask of the Superintendent to get to the heart of the matter, and can listen critically to answers. I will appreciate your vote for NATALIE BLASINGAME for Position 5 on November 2nd.

      What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?

      I commit to fulfill the following responsibilities as I represent YOU on the school board:

      • Provide citizen governance/oversight for education at a point closest to the parent/child, acting for our district citizens based on their voice
      • Advocate for educational excellence for our youth, putting those interests first, ensuring that the district is moving in a positive direction with a clear shared vision for our students, schools, staff, and supporting community
      • Adopt comprehensive goals giving the system clear direction with regular goal progress monitoring of the administration in meeting these goals
      • Adopt policy that provides a framework for district operations
      • Adopt a budget for the district and set a tax rate that adequately funds the budget without waste
      • Hire and evaluate the Superintendent and hold them accountable for excellence in their administrative duties and day-to-day operations that move the district closer to the board’s vision based on parent and community voice.

      What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?

      Trustees should bring their time, talent, and a spirit of teamwork to the role- however they should never GO ALONG JUST TO GET ALONG! That is how a divisive CRT agenda crept into our boardroom via a resolution. Trustees should actively seek the voices of our citizens- hearing celebrations and concerns- then respond as a team to address these. Positive board relations means nothing if we don’t represent the voice and values of our stakeholders.

      What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?

      The community has lost faith in the district to educate and not indoctrinate our kids. Our board has allowed content into the curriculum that works against our values. In CFISD we love each other and seek unity and excellence. We don't tolerate racism and division. We want schools to be factories of HOPE where students leave prepared for careers and productive citizenship.

      Our amazing teachers are on the frontlines each day addressing learning loss. They deserve freedom to differentiate their teaching to meet each child's needs. Let’s give teachers their voice back and return joy to the teaching profession! This will attract and retain the best teachers for our children.



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