• The District Athletics Team works directly with the Athletics Staff at each of our 19 middle schools and 12 high schools to coordinate logistics for all campus sports programs.

    Our department is committed to offering diverse and enriching athletic programs, each designed to foster in every student athlete the growth of physical, mental, emotional, social, and moral strengths. Each of our athletic programs are carefully constructed around the premise that success is a choice: work diligently to build one’s self-esteem, set demanding goals, practice good sportsmanship, always remain positive, master the art of communication, seek out good role models, be determined and unwavering, learn from adversity, and celebrate the success of others.

    Ours is a win-win philosophy: we earn respect and trust by being genuine, honest, fair, consistent, focusing on the best interest of the team, demonstrating that we care, communicating our expectations, staying positive at all costs, giving athletes credit for their contributions, winning humbly, and losing graciously.


  • Ray Zepeda
    Athletic Director

    Kirk Eaton
    Associate Athletic Director

    • High School Sports: Baseball, Football, Tennis, and Wrestling
    • Program supervision for the following Middle Schools: Anthony, Goodson, Hopper, Salyards, Smith, and Spillane

    Virginia Flores
    Associate Athletic Director

    • High School Sports: Girls Basketball, Girls Golf, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Water Polo, Girls Track & Field, Volleyball
    • Program supervision for the following Middle Schools: Aragon, Kahla, Labay, Thornton, Truitt, and Watkins

    Charles Ament
    Associate Athletic Director

    • High School Sports: Boys Basketball, Cross Country, Boys Golf, Soccer, Boys Track & Field
    • Program supervision for the following Middle Schools: Arnold, Bleyl, Campbell, Cook, Dean, and Hamilton

    Jason Garza
    District Athletic Coordinator

    Jason O'Brian
    District Athletic Coordinator

    Liz Guzman
    Finance Coordinator

    Lela Fagan
    Secretary – Associate Athletic Director

    Judi Roemlein
    Secretary – Associate Athletic Director

    Jenny Orwin
    Secretary – Athletic Director

    Kirby Beck
    Secretary – Associate Athletic Director

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