Guidelines for Conducting Research in CFISD

  • Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (CFISD) recognizes the need for continued research in education and other related areas. District Improvement and Accountability screens applications from graduate students, university researchers, and other research organizations requesting access to CFISD as a research site. 

    CFISD encourages quality research efforts, especially in areas that will enhance its educational outcomes and practices. The application process was developed in order to:

    • coordinate new research projects with ongoing district research and evaluation,
    • protect district staff and students from unnecessary data collection,
    • consider project requests in light of federal and state privacy laws, and
    • ensure that projects are of significance to the district
  • Who needs approval?

  • How is approval obtained?

Research Application Review Timeline

Research applications are not accepted or reviewed May-August. Research applications will be distributed beginning in September for the October 1 submission deadline; however, they will not be reviewed in September.

Applications not received by the “first of the month” submission deadline will be reviewed the following month.

Submission Deadline Latest Possible Decision Notification
10/1/23 11/1/23
11/1/23 12/1/23
12/1/23 1/1/24
1/1/24 2/1/24
2/1/24 3/1/24
3/1/24 4/1/24
4/1/24 5/1/24
  • Any questions before, during or after submitting an application can be emailed to We will provide guidance regarding the research application process.