Secondary Guidance Program

  • A Comprehensive and Developmental Program

    The goal of school counselors is to teach students skills to help them through developmental stages of life and to use these skills on a daily basis. To accomplish this, school counselors provide and carry out a comprehensive counseling program which focuses on the uniqueness of students in three areas of development: academic, career, and personal/social. Designed for ALL students, student competencies provide goals that are integrated throughout the entire school curriculum and environment. These goals are the engine that drives the program components including the guidance curriculum, responsive service, individual planning, and system support.


    The Developmental Needs of Middle School Students

    Middle school is an exciting but sometimes frustrating time for students as well as for their parents and teachers. Transition is the key word. Through middle school years, physical and psychological changes abound. During their journey from childhood to adolescence, students are characterized by:

    • Being very active, yet easily fatigued due to rapid physical growth.
    • Searching for their own unique identity, turning more towards their peers rather than to their parents for ideas and affirmation.
    • Feeling extremely sensitive to comments from others.
    • Relying heavily on friends to provide comfort, understanding, and approval.

    Why Middle School Counselors?

    Middle school years can be positive ones of self discovery for children. Together, professional middle school counselors, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members can help students focus on the journey of transition through a collaborative effort using a comprehensive developmental counseling program, patience, understanding, and above all, caring.


    The Developmental Needs of High School Students

    High school is a time of decisions. Students are deciding who they are, where they fit, determining at what they excel, and how to move forward. Socialization is the key word. During this time in high school, students are characterized by:

    • Searching and evaluating their strengths, skills, and abilities.
    • Tuning into peer acceptance and feedback.
    • Separating from parents/family to explore and define their independence.
    • Planning for the future.

    Why High School Counselors?

    High school years are full of excitement, exploration, disappointment, and hope. It is the time students begin to discover what the future holds for them. With a comprehensive developmental counseling program, students can receive accurate information, concrete experiences, and successful planning to take the steps necessary to become a productive and contributing member of society. Together, professional school counselors, parents, and the community can provide the most effective support for young people.