• Interested in becoming a State Champion in Academics?
    Interested in big money scholarships to help you pay for college?
    Are you already competing in Academic Events?

    If you said yes to any of these three questions, the Cy Woods UIL Academic Team has a place for you.


  • Since 2008, Cypress Woods has advanced at least 1 individual to the state UIL Academic meet every single year. 

    For instance, the Computer Science team has won multiple individual UIL State Championships in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022, 3 team State Championships in 2013, 2017, and 2021, and finished runner up 4 other times.

    In 2019, Cy Woods won the overall 6A State Academic championship for entire school with winners in numerous categories, including Accounting, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Spelling, Math, and Literary Criticism.  This is the only time in the history of Cy Fair ISD that a CFISD high school has won the overall UIL 6A State Championship.   Woods finished 2nd overall as a school in 2020. 

    Every student that makes it to the state meet at least once qualifies for UIL TILF Scholarships.  Attending the state meet once is required to apply for the TILF Scholarships.   https://www.tilfoundation.org/

TILF Scholarships

  • The Texas Interscholastic League Foundation

    The Welch Foundation $14,000 each  20 awarded per year
    Stark Foundation $15,200 each 1 per year
    Myers Foundation $8,000 each 1 per year
    Lozano Long Endowment $20,000 each 1 per year



  • What are competitions all about?  You can learn a tremendous amount more about the subjects you are interested in.  UIL Academic events go above and beyond what you would learn in a typical classroom.  This expanded content coverage helps prepare you for college and for your high school classes.  Lastly, you make some amazing friends as a member of a highly motivated team of competitive scholars.

    Information on all events can be found at in the High School Academic Contests page.

    You can contact Mr. Armstrong about the Cy Woods UIL Academic Team.

Competitive Event Categories

  • Computer Science Science One-Act Play
    Math   Social Studies Ready Writing
    Number Sense Current Issues and Events Literary Criticism
    Computer Applications Accounting Spelling and Vocabulary
    Calculator Applications Speech and Debate  


Email a Coach to get Zoom info!
UIL EVENT Coach Room Meeting Day / Time Email
Accounting Mrs. Walker 3010 Monday 2:55-3:40 Janice.walker@cfisd.net
Calculator Applications Mrs. Chang 1562 Wed 2:55-3:40 Tuongtrang.chang@cfisd.net
Computer Applications Mr. Diagle 1556 Thur  2:55-3:40 Grant.daigle@cfisd.net
Computer Science Mr. Armstrong 1558 Thur  3:00 - 5:00 Stacey.armstrong@cfisd.net
Current Issues and Events Mrs. Montes 2307 Mon  2:55-3:40 Alicia.montes@cfisd.net
Journalism Ms. Schulte 1866 Tues  2:55-3:40 Emily.schulte@cfisd.net
Literary Criticism Ms. Rasp 2519 Wed  2:55-3:40 cameron.rasp@cfisd.net
Math Mrs. Chang 1562 Mon 2:55-3:40 Tuongtrang.chang@cfisd.net
Number Sense Mrs. Chang 1562 Wed 2:55-3:40 Tuongtrang.chang@cfisd.net
Ready Writing Mrs. Baumgartner 2519 Wed  2:55-3:40 abigail.baumgartner@cfisd.net
Science Mrs. Raney 1176 Tues 2:55-3:40 Stephanie.raney@cfisd.net
Social Studies Mrs. Montes 2213 Mon  2:55-3:40 Alicia.montes@cfisd.net
Speech and Debate Mr. Koshak 2702 Tues  2:55-3:40 Jacob.koshak@cfisd.net
Spelling and Vocabulary Mrs. Hill 2814 Tues  2:55-3:40 rochelle.hill@cfisd.net
Prose and Poetry Mr. Koshak 2702 Tues 2:55-3:40 Jacob.koshak@cfisd.net