Adjunctive Experiences

  • Family Interaction Training Clinic:

    Through the Family Interaction Training (FIT) Clinic, interns provide parent training and behavior consultation services in the evening one day a week to families from the district. The Clinic’s time-limited treatment program is rendered at minimal cost to families and uses evidence-based interventions, such as Parent Management Training and Incredible Years. Throughout the year, interns play an integral role in referral review, case selection, treatment planning, and progress monitoring. Further, interns receive direct training in providing supervision, as they are provided with dedicated training in the area and paired with peer supervisors. Clinic services are supervised by Licensed Psychologists in vivo (via a one-way mirror), through video monitoring, and during weekly small group supervision meetings.

    Write Club:

    Write Club is the CFISD Psychology Department's research group. Staff and interns are involved in multi-year research projects. The primary goal of psychological research at CFISD is to improve clinical services provided to students and their families, while also enriching the training experience of psychology trainees and the practice of staff members. Write Club provides interns didactics concerning best practices and cultural competence in program evaluation, using data to inform practice, and dissemination/sustainability of projects and programs in schools. Members meet monthly to discuss their research interests, review journal articles, and monitor the progress of ongoing projects.  

    Council of Houston Area Training Sites (CHATS):

    CHATS is a consortium of Houston area APA-accredited intern sites, comprised of the Houston Independent School District, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Michael E. DeBakey VAMC, Baylor College of Medicine Pediatrics, University of Houston, and University of Houston, Clear Lake. Approximately six times throughout the internship year, interns attend didactic training and networking workshops hosted by CHATS and each training site. Past CHATS events have included an ethics workshop and a Mock Oral Examination. 

    Other additional experiences:

    In addition to the above, other experiences are provided, such as presenting a 3-week parenting education series to community parents. During the second semester, interns will also present to staff on a research/practice topic of their choice. Interns also have increased opportunities for research, dissertation, assisting in program development and evaluation, individual projects, and other opportunities agreed upon between the interns and the Coordinator of Interns.