Postdoctoral Training In Health Service Psychology

  • Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has a long tradition of providing Post-doctoral Supervision for individuals seeking to meet health service psychology licensure.  

    Our post-doctoral supervision meets the requirements for licensure in Texas, under the Behavioral Health Executive Council (BHEC) of providing a minimum of one hour weekly of individual (face-to-face) supervision. Our department historically has had multiple post-doctoral fellows each year.  In 2019 Dr. Michelle Delaune and Dr. Alicia Knight began providing group supervision each week.  They also developed a sequential and cumulative training scope and sequence specific for post-doctoral fellows to receive training catered for their level of experience.  

    Individuals interested in receiving this supervision and training must first obtain a position with the district.  Please look over the required qualifications and application in the CFISD School Psychologist job posting. Applications may be submitted at any time.  All applications will be reviewed. However, not all applicants may be interviewed.  

    For those seeking a Fall post-doctoral placement, submitting an application by January 31 of the prior school year is encouraged.  Offers for placement are attempted to be made by the APPIC postdoc common hold date when feasible.  Offers are pending the postdoctoral candidate meeting all necessary requirements by contract start date (e.g., LSSP licensure).    

    For further questions related to the post-doctoral training opportunity with Cypress-Fairbanks ISD please contact either:
    Alicia Knight, Ph.D., LP, LSSP                              
    Michelle Delaune, Ph.D., LP, LSSP                    

    For questions specific to qualifications for the job posting, please email Lyndsey Cabrera, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Psychological Services, at