Police Athletic League

  • Police Athletic League  

  • 2024 Spring BReak CFPD Athletic League

    2024 Spring Break CFPD Athletic League

    A place for middle school-aged students to play safely and learn lifelong skills.

    Sports offered:

    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Flag Football
    • Soccer

    March 11-14, 2024 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    Spillane MS
    13403 Woods Spillane Blvd.
    Cypress, TX 77429

    $60 registration fee



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  • The Cypress Fairbanks ISD Police Athletic League (CFPAL) works to serve the youth of Cypress Fairbanks ISD. CFPAL envisions providing guidance and leadership to ensure the safety of our youth, improve their lives, reduce crime, and better serve the community by building strong and trusting relationships.

    Spring break enrichment and learning experiences are crucial to the academic success and positive development of young people. CFPAL Spring break Day Camps provides positive mentorship and supervision during high-risk spring break week.

    Over the course of one week, students engage in a revolving schedule of academic enrichment, fun physical fitness activities, including team based athletic tournaments and sport fundamentals. 

    Our programs promote:

    • Self-discipline
    • Self-respect
    • Self-confidence
    • Sportsmanship
    • Physical Fitness

    The following programs are offered to all Cypress Fairbanks ISD middle school students:

    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Basketball

     Since all the programs are run by police officers and volunteers from the community, it improves community stability and builds lasting relationships. These programs allow students to be active and social, while having fun. All the athletic programs operating with the SAFETY of our students being the priority!

  • Officer M. Guerrero
    Coordinator: Officer M. Guerrero

    Office: 832-237-2373