K-Level Placement Guidelines (Grades 6-9)



  • K-level classes have a more rigorous and in-depth content focus than on-level classes. Classes often move at a faster pace, include different types of assignments, and require additional outside reading. These classes are designed to challenge students beyond grade-level academic courses and prepare them for success in future advanced coursework. Students may require additional encouragement and support from both family and campus staff to be successful in advanced classes. Students enrolled in advanced classes in English, math, science, or social studies should have an interest in and an aptitude for the subject.


Eligibility for Entry into K-level Classes

  • Students who are currently scheduled in a K-level class will be able to continue in the K-level class if the student maintains a 75+ average for the second semester.

    Students are eligible for first-time entry into a K-level class if

    1. the student earns a grade of 85+ yearly average in the previous on-level class in the same subject; or
    2. the student earns Masters Grade Level on the STAAR test for the corresponding subject (see chart);


    1. the student has parent permission to enroll in the K-level class.

    Fifth-grade students scoring Masters Grade Level on STAAR will automatically be placed in the K-level course for the corresponding subject.  Parents may opt the student out.  See the middle school counselor or administrator.

    Grade Level

    If the student earns Masters Grade Level:

    The student qualifies for:

    5th to 6th

    5th grade STAAR Reading

    K-level ELAR & K-level Social Studies

    5th grade STAAR Math

    K-level Math

    5th grade STAAR Science

    K-level Science




    6th to 7th

    6th grade STAAR Reading

    K-level ELA & K-level Social Studies

    6th Grade STAAR Math

    K-level Math* & K-level Science




    7th to 8th

    7th Grade STAAR Reading

    K-level ELA & K-level Social Studies

    7th Grade STAAR Math

    K-level Math* & K-level Science




    8th to 9th

    8th grade STAAR Reading

    K-level English

    8th grade STAAR Science

    K-level Biology

    8th grade STAAR Social Studies

    K-level /AP World History or K-level World Geography/AP Human Geography (in either 9th or 10th grade)

    *Note:  The middle school math placement exceptions continue. Students who qualify based on the information above will still need to attend and must make an 80+ in the appropriate summer program (Moving Up in Math for current sixth graders or Accelerate to Algebra for current seventh graders or earn an 80+ on the corresponding credit-by-exam). 

Remaining eligible in the K-level Class

  • Students remain eligible to continue in a K-level class by maintaining a grade of 75+ for the second semester. An action plan will be developed for a student earning a grade between 70 and 74 for any grading period.

Removal from K-level Class

    1. Students who receive a 74 or lower average for the semester will be removed from the K-level class and placed in an on-level class for the following semester.
    2. Students who receive a 69 or lower for any grading period will be removed from the K-level class and placed in an appropriate on-level class for the remainder of the school year.
    3. At progress report time or at the end of a grading period, a student may, upon his/her request and parent approval, be placed in an appropriate on-level class for the remainder of the school year.

    *The K-level entry/exit criteria apply to all HORIZONS students enrolled in HORIZONS/K-level cluster classes.