• STEM Academy for ARC (Automation, Robotics, Computer Science)



  • The CFISD STEM Academy for Automation, Robotics, & Computer Science (ARC) will provide students a rigorous educational experience focused on the growing fields of automation, robotics and computer science. Students will have access to courses and equipment that are unique to this academy.








    • The applicant must meet the requirements for promotion to 9th grade, have Algebra I credit with an average of 80+ and have completed K-level/HORIZONS 8th grade English language arts with an average of 80+

    • The applicant must have completed ALL portions of the application for admission.

    • While participating in the ARC Academy, if the student experiences issues with attendance, tardiness, discipline, low grades due to lack of effort, or lack of parent/guardian cooperation, the administration reserves the right to recommend that the student be dismissed from the chosen Academy.

    STEM Academy for Automation, Robotics and Computer Science (ARC)- The ARC Academy is a district-wide program for students interested in pursuing Engineering post-high school with the ultimate goal of a student entering college with a deep knowledge of engineering concepts and some engineering industry certifications.

    The ARC Academy is focused on providing students with industry-level experiences and equipment. Students interested in the ARC Academy may need to attend summer school if he/she has not completed the 2 years of LOTE/Foreign Language are not completed in middle school. A student may need to attend summer school for one year of LOTE, PE, or Art to meet all graduation requirements for the Foundation + Endorsement Program.

    * The ARC Academy is housed Cypress Springs High School. Students who apply and are accepted will be placed on a transfer to Cypress Springs High School.*

  • The application period closed on May 26, 2022.

  • Questions?
    Kenya Turner, HS Curriculum Director - 281-807-8953
    Denise Kubecka, CTE Director -281-897-4036