• “Tackling the College Admission Process” written by computer science student Akash Dharamshi, is a complete guide for you to take the most effective step in preparing your student for the college admission process. During the summer or during the school year, you can use this guide as the x factor in your student’s college preparation.

    The mission behind this book was to demystify the overwhelming college admission process, so your student never has to face the endless stress and hidden mistakes accompanied with applying to their dream universities. The information laid out includes a concise step-by-step plan of action for each part of the application process, diving into further detail on insider tips on how to increase your student’s chances of admission, and how to avoid hidden mistakes that can crush the hard work behind your child’s chance of admission. As soon as a student enters high school, the clock starts ticking towards their chance to apply to their dream university. Whether your student is in the 9th grade up through 12th grade, use “Tackling the College Admission Process” as the quickest step to preparing your student for their chances of admission.

Tackling the College Admission Process