• Homebound Services are designed to enable students with disabilities to continue their coursework while temporarily unable to attend school. The Special Education A.R.D. Committee considers homebound services for students who are currently enrolled in school and will be confined to a home or hospital setting for (4) or more consecutive weeks as per a licensed physician’s statement. Request for Homebound Services should be initiated at your child’s campus through the counselor’s office.


  • Students who will be absent from school for a minimum of four consecutive weeks of instruction due to illness, injury, or surgery as documented by a licensed physician, may be considered for homebound services. Homebound may also be considered for chronically ill students who are expected to be confined for a minimum of four weeks total over the course of the school year as documented by a licensed physician.


  • Core courses are available at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  Contact the campus counselor for details.

    Please note:

    K level and/or AP credit will not be given on homebound due to modifications that are inherent in the program.  Students may resume K level (with campus and instructor approval) and/or AP credit upon return to the campus.