Children who Transfer

  • A student with a disability who has an IEP in place from another school district in state or out of state and who enrolls in CFISD during the summer is not considered a transfer student. CFISD must implement the IEP from the previous school district on the first day of school in the new school year or must convene an ARD committee meeting prior to the first day of school to revise the student’s IEP for implementation on the first day of school of the new school year.

    Transfer Evaluations

    Whenever an ARD Committee determines that valid evaluation data and other information from a previous school, including any out-of-state local education agencies, are unavailable or insufficient to develop a complete IEP, CFISD will conduct any evaluations necessary to obtain information for developing a complete IEP and, if appropriate, a Behavior Intervention Plan. Information from these evaluations must be shared at a second ARD Committee meeting, to be held within 30 school days from the date of the first ARD Committee meeting to finalize an IEP. This meeting should then constitute the annual ARD Committee meeting for that student.

    If the student was being evaluated for special education eligibility in the previous school district, CFISD must coordinate with the previous school district to ensure a prompt completion of the evaluation. The evaluation must be completed within 45 school days from the date CFISD receives written consent.

    NOTE: The 45-day timeframe shall not apply to CFISD if a child enrolls in CFISD after the 45- day timeframe has begun and prior to a determination by the child's previous district/charter school/public agency as to whether the child is a child with a disability. This exception applies only if CFISD is making sufficient progress to ensure a prompt completion of the evaluation and if the parent and CFISD agree to a specific time when the evaluation will be completed.

    • The special education department makes every possible attempt to acquire evaluation, ARD Committee reports, and other special education records from the sending school and/or the child's parents.
    • Fifteen school days prior to the 30-day ARD Review meeting, the special education evaluator should begin evaluations if no records have been received. (Consent for evaluation should have been obtained at the initial Transfer/Temporary Placement ARD.)
    • Any needed evaluations and the written evaluation reports are completed prior to the 30- day ARD Committee meeting.
    • In the case of a psychological, the LSSP reviews the evaluation. He/she verifies that the reporting document meets the district standards and includes credentials of the evaluation personnel and their signatures.
    • There must be a written report of evaluation either from the previous school district or CFISD for each reported condition to be considered in the discussion of eligibility for special education.
      The annual ARD Committee meeting is conducted 30 school days (approximately six weeks) after the Transfer/Temporary Placement ARD Committee meeting. Current (within three years) FIE reports and disability condition reports must be considered at this meeting.