Tonia Jaeggi



      Degrees and Certifications:

      Tonia Jaeggi

      Tonia Jaeggi will run for Position 1 in the 2023 Cypress Fairbanks ISD Board of Trustees Election and drew the No. 2 ballot position.

      Position 1, Ballot Position 2

      YEARS IN CFISD: 42 
      OCCUPATION: Realtor and Team Lead at The Jaeggi Team Realtors 
      SPOUSE: William Jaeggi 
      CHILDREN: My husband and I have 2 girls, Ava and Alexis Jaeggi. They are in 7th and 8th Grade at Goodson Middle School.

      Why did you choose to live in CFISD?

      I have lived in Cy-Fair ISD my entire life and graduated from Cy-Fair High School. My mother and stepmother taught in Cy-Fair ISD for over 30 years each. I chose to raise my children in Cy-Fair ISD to give them access to the opportunities that Cy-Fair ISD offers to all students. I believe that Cy-Fair ISD is a leader in security, education and the fine arts. Cy-Fair ISD has always been my home and will always be my home.

      Are you currently a CFISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?

      I am currently a volunteer for Goodson Middle School, Labay Middle School and Cy-Ridge High School. I am a Mentor at Hopper Middle School, and I am on the CPOC Committee for Robison Elementary and Goodson Middle School.

      Have you been a CFISD volunteer in the past (include years)?

      As a Global Volunteer I have volunteered at over 30 schools in CFISD over the last 9 years accumulating more than 5000 volunteer hours.

      List your participation in CFISD school and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees.

      I have served on the 2019 Long Range Planning Committee, Superintendent Parent Leadership Committee, Calendar Committee, Community Leadership Committee, CPOC Committee for Goodson Middle School and Robison Elementary School. I am currently a CFISD Mentor. In addition, I also serve as a Trustee on the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation. I was on the Robison Elementary PTO Board for 6 years and VIPS Coordinator for Goodson Middle School for 2 years.

      Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in previous question.

      As a business owner I have donated luncheons to various schools and have ‘adopted’ Goodson Middle School. I supported our students outside of CFISD as a Girl Scout Troop Leader for 7 years as well as a volunteer and member of the NCL - Pearls Chapter. I am a Mentor for the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation where I am currently mentoring 15 students that have graduated from Cy-Fair ISD, all pursuing higher education at various colleges and universities.

      List local organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.

      I currently participate in San Jacinto Girl Scouts of America as a scout mom, National Charity League - Cypress Pearls Chapter and the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation as a Trustee and committee chair.

      Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?

      I own a business in Cy-Fair. In my business I deal with budgets, goal setting, customer service, staff retention and lead generation daily. All of these skills refined over the years will help me in the day-to-day decisions that are required by a board member. In addition, my rich history in this community and my knowledge of the district gives me a unique insight to the direction the district needs to go to help us continue to be one of the largest A-Rated districts in the state of Texas.

      What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?

      As a trustee it is our responsibility to adopt policies for the district that the Superintendent recommends. If the policy needs to be modified, the school board may suggest modifications before they approve the policy. In addition, the school board is also tasked with hiring a new Superintendent when needed. All board members must also advocate for public education at the state level. Approving the district budget is another major component of the school board’s responsibilities. School visits are another aspect of being a Trustee. It is imperative that we visit our schools to see for ourselves how each school operates. This also provides necessary one on one time with our school administrators, staff, and students to better understand their needs.

      What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?

      As a board, it is critical to work together for better student outcomes, staff retention and staff, student, and parent satisfaction. A board that cannot come to a consensus decision can lead to a divided community. I feel it is the Board’s responsibility to bring our community together to support our district. A unified board shows our students we are truly working together for them.

      What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?

      Teacher recruitment, retention and satisfaction is a huge priority of mine. A teacher task force could be formed to help the district and board get direct answers as to what our teachers need. We should go straight to the source! You must spend time in the classroom to truly know what our teachers require from the administration to help with better teacher retention and satisfaction. I believe school safety and student well-being are a constant challenge that we must stay in front of.  Although Cy-Fair is a leader in school security and mental health, there is still more work to be done. We need to work with the staff who deal with the issues firsthand inside the classrooms and hallways. As for our students’ well-being, a student task force should be formed to help us understand what our students are dealing with emotionally.



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