Justin Ray



      Degrees and Certifications:

      Justin Ray

      Justin Ray will run for Position 3 in the 2023 Cypress Fairbanks ISD Board of Trustees Election and drew the No. 3 ballot position.

      Position 3, Ballot Position 3

      YEARS IN CFISD: 32
      Jersey Village 
      OCCUPATION: Business Development in the Oil and Gas Industry 
      SPOUSE: Allison Ray 
      CHILDREN: Ellen Ray Age 8 currently in Third Grade at Post Elementary, Lauren Ray Age 10 currently in Fifth Grade at Post Elementary, Evan Ray Age 13 currently in Eighth Grade at Cook Hr. High 

      Why did you choose to live in CFISD?

      I was raised in Cy-Fair ISD, and the values of the community are an integral part of who I am. My wife and I chose to raise our three kids in CFISD because of the quality of the education and for them to be exposed to the same values and experiences I had which includes strong families, lifelong friendships and safe communities. 

      Are you currently a CFISD volunteer? If so, what school(s)?

      Yes, Post Elementary 

      Have you been a CFISD volunteer in the past (include years)?


      List your participation in CFISD school and/or district parent clubs, business partnerships and/or committees.

      I have enjoyed participating in the Watch Dog Program at Post Elementary which provides positive male role models for students, demonstrating by our presence that education is important. Additionally, our family has been active in the Post Elementary PTO with my wife, Allison serving as a board member. I have had the honor for the last fifteen years to participate and present the 1st Lieutenant Jeremy E Ray Service award for the Cy-Fair Education Foundation. 

      Include any other areas in which you have supported CFISD not included in previous question.

      I served as the Mayor of Jersey Village in which two schools, Post Elementary and Jersey Village High School are located. I was keenly aware that strong schools are directly tied to neighborhood growth and prestige. I made sure the City worked collaboratively with school police to ensure safe campuses. Additionally I worked with school district officials on matters regarding zoning and student bus routes.

      List local organizations in which you currently participate, including offices held.

      In addition to my years in elected office and Cy-Fair Education Foundation participation, I am currently active in the Boy Scouts of America Troop located in Jersey Village. I served as Committee Chair and coordinated multiple events including merger related activities. I have been a member of Champions Forest Baptist Jersey Village since 1990 and have served in various roles including the Personnel Committee. 

      Considering your skills and talents, what positive contribution would you make as a member of the Board of Trustees?

      My years spent as a local elected official will be an invaluable asset. I have firsthand experience in engaging with the community to best understand their needs and concerns. I have key insight in how to implement bold initiatives, deliberate within an elected body and work collaboratively with staff to provide services to a constituency. I will take those experiences to build consensus among Trustees on how to tackle the growing issues facing our district.

      What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?

      The Board of Trustees’ role is to engage with the community to best understand its needs and concerns and translate that into a culture, vision, and agenda for the district. Working with input from the Superintendent, staff and teachers, that vision is then tasked to the Superintendent for implementation. The Board has the responsibility to consistently assess district performance and ensure that CFISD is preparing students to be successful in a competitive 21st century economy. 

      What role do positive trustee relations on the Board play in affecting student success?

      Good relations with fellow Board members are an admirable goal. It can demonstrate to students and the community the importance of respect and civility even in the face of disagreement. In my experiences serving on an elected board as a City Council member and Mayor I have seen firsthand how good relations can cut through policy disagreements and result in effective and sound policy. 

      What critical challenges face the district, and what are possible solutions to address those issues?

      The biggest issue Cy-Fair ISD faces is increased competition from other educational options for families. To strengthen its value proposition to district parents, CFISD needs to recommit to improved student academic outcomes, resisting the politicization of curriculum, school safety for both students and teachers and fiscal responsibility. Additionally, all school districts will continue with budget struggles due to across-the-board inflation which will require strong and strategic budgeting. 



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