• Dr. Eric Cupp

    Dr. Eric Cupp is known across Texas as one of the state's most dynamic and effective speakers. He is famous for his effective work with children from first grade to 12th grade, teachers, and administrators. He has experience with honor students, athletes, and scholars, but his most popular work is with at-risk children, he works with kids in assemblies, small groups, and individually to build hope and inspire dreams and it works!  His most famous work is with students on alternative campuses.

    Dr. Cupp does not believe there are bad kids, only bad choices. He teaches children how to take responsibility for their bad choices and how to make good choices. He offers them hope that they can rise above circumstances and live a successful life. He has even taught people-skills to administrators who went from mediocrity to superiority in just a short time.

    Dr. Cupp reminds teachers that every student has his or her own set of needs, and although dealing with those needs can be hard, it’s possible.