• Dr. Jeff Frey

    Dr. Jeff Frey is a distinguished authority on emotional intelligence and leadership, specializing in supporting school leaders on their journey toward sustainable success. With a background in technology, entrepreneurship, and education, Dr. Frey brings a unique perspective to the challenges faced by school Superintendents and district and campus leaders. With one foot in corporate and one in academia, he bridges the gap between traditional education and real-world expectations, focusing on emotional intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology management.
    Dr. Frey's expertise has been sought by corporations and tech startups, where he advises on new ideas and talent strategies. With a Ph.D. in Emotional Intelligence and extensive experience in various sectors, Dr. Frey is passionate about empowering school leaders to thrive and create a lasting impact. In his free time, he enjoys traveling with his wife, helping his two middle-school-aged boys with homework, participating in triathlons, and playing music.