• Dr. Jenny Severson

    Jenny Severson Ed.D. is an award-winning teacher and school principal. She has written three best-selling books and worked with 1000 schools over her 30 year career, improving instruction, decreasing discipline, referrals and creating pipelines for green and growing leaders. Her new book about movement and the effect size (1.49) that increases learning exponentially by engaging students through movement is earning reviews.

    Jenny earned her doctorate at Loyola University-Chicago and resides in Minnesota with her three children and adorable husband, Mr. Todd Johnson.  

    Jenny is known throughout the country for her work with algebra camp, freshman house programs, building leadership.

    She began her teaching career in a northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois at the age of 26.

    Join her June 5 @9:25,1:25 and 2:50 and June 6th @8:00, 10:50 and 2:50 for relevant content experiences.