• Larry Roberts

    After experiencing burnout in the corporate world, Larry Roberts, the visionary behind Red Hat Media, embarked on a journey into the dynamic world of content creation and tech-driven opportunities.

    His mission was clear: to ignite his passion as an innovative creator. He achieved this with remarkable success.

    Since 2014, Larry has carved out a prominent niche in the podcasting landscape, leveraging AI and tech advancements. He's a regular speaker at major events like Podfest Multimedia Expo, Podcast Movement, eWomensNetwork and Entrepreneur’s Organization and an award-winning host of several highly-ranked podcasts.

    In an era where technology and media evolve at a blistering pace, Larry and his team dedicate themselves to remaining leaders in this rapid transformation. Recognized as a pioneering influencer in the AI and podcasting arena, Larry conducts workshops and speaking engagements, empowering creators to harness cutting-edge technology. His focus is to guide business owners through a transformational journey, steering them towards innovation, growth, and embracing the possibilities of AI and technology.