• Shari Murphy

    Shari Murphy has been a part of Quantum Learning for 25 years.  She has served as an Educational Consultant and Facilitator for Quantum Learning Education, as well as a Facilitator for SuperCamp.  Beginning as an elementary school teacher for over a decade, Shari is, at heart, an educator that sees value in the growth and individuality of others.

    Feeling ineffective after her first year of teaching, Shari almost packed boxes and left the classroom.  It was at a Quantum Learning workshop, where she grasped human behavioral science concepts and learned about the neuroscience behind best practices in teaching pedagogy,  that Shari reframed her outlook.  In turn, she was more equipped with tools and knowledge, leading her to enjoy another ten years teaching fourth and fifth-grade students with highly diverse backgrounds and needs. She attributes her decision to stay and thrive in the classroom to the methodology of Quantum Learning.  

    Shari is passionate about empowering people to discover and unleash their potential. She is fueled by the educators and students she works with and strives to create that same shift she previously experienced in them. Her vulnerability and ability to ”keep it real“ has earned her accolades and built trust with thousands of educators across the U.S. Shari has influenced educators across the country as a keynote speaker and facilitator of professional development programs for teachers, administrators, and parents.  

    Her belief in Quantum Learning as a means to inspire and achieve success is what drove Shari to acquire the U.S. division of the company in February 2022 after the announcement of the retirement of Bobbi DePorter and Joe Chapon.  Shari is thrilled to continue the important work and the legacy of Quantum Learning. 

    Shari resides in the west suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where she thrives on being an active part in the lives of her three children.